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proof is a professional team of creative concept developers, image and text editors, graphic designers and production specialists with a solid base of experience in project guidance and management for photographers and artists. We specialize in the development, design and production of photography books and works devoted to individual artists. proof also has worldwide sales and marking experience as well as excellent contacts with publishers all over the world.


We develop book concepts, handle budgeting and production management for all types of art and visual publications and place the finished products with specialized publishers all over the world. We offer consulting services for photographers and artists preparatory to publication of their works, appraisal and management services for photographer’s and artists’ estates. Our services are available to photographers and artists as well as institutions and business enterprises. Depending upon our client’s wishes, we offer modular services or assume full responsibility for all phases of production.

Buchcover Faces of Football

Mathias Braschler/Monika Fischer

Faces of Football

88 pages, 30 large-format photographs, hardcover with dust jacket
Foreword by Sir Bobby Charlton

English edition distributed by Art Books International. ISBN: 1874044619
German edition © 2006 by Nicolai, Berlin. ISBN: 978-3-89479-324-4
Italian edition © 2006 by Damiani editore. ISBN: 88-89431-51-2

This volume presents a unique portrait series: thirty international football stars photographed with a large format camera the moment they leave the playing field. The resulting pictures display a great authenticity, visualizing football’s fascination in an incomparable way, telling stories of victory and defeat, of missed chances and moments of pure luck.

Portraits of David Beckham, Gianluigi Buffon, Luis Figo, Pavel Nedved, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Andreiy Shevchenko, and Zinedine Zidane a.o.

Concept, editing, production, and placement with publishers

Buchcover Cuties and Calories

Stephan Schacher

Cuties and Calories
Von Diner zu Diner – Eine Reise durch Nordamerika

184 pages, 146 large-format color photographs

German edition © 2005 by Edition Braus, Heidelberg. ISBN: 3-89904-151-8
English edition © 2005 by Princeton Architectural Press. ISBN: 1-56898-505-3

Taking along only the bare essentials, Stephan Schacher left New York and headed north in an old VW bus on a multi-week culinary adventure. Stopping only at diners along the way, he never stilled his hunger without first photographing the steaming hot meals.

Concept, editing, production, and placement with publishers

Buchcover physique

Peter Kühnst

Classique Photographs of Naked Athletes

176 pages, 158 illustrations

English edition © 2004 by Thames and Hudson, London. ISBN: 0-500-28475-X
German edition © 2004 by Edition Braus, Heidelberg. ISBN: 3-89904-096-1
French edition © 2004 by Editions du Regard, Paris. ISBN: 2-84105-168-4

This sumptuous and beautifully printed survey traces the history of the nude athlete in photography from the mid-nineteenth century to the present.

Concept, editing, production, and placement with publishers